Ship It Day

Last week, EE India conducted its first ever Hackathon.

Titled Ship It Day, this code-fest challenged its participants to create, test and ship fully functional software within 24 hours…

Seems challenging?  Interesting??   Fun???…  Well it was all that… and how!!!

Ideas were presented; from the seemingly innocuous to the downright whacky!!!
Team members were solicited through engaging elevator pitches.
Products were christened in languages ranging from Hindi (…Hisaab Kitaab…) to Japanese (…Kanbanize Katsu !!!).
With the necessary infrastructure in place, and office energy levels at an all time high, the Ship It Day commenced its 24 hr journey.

And what was delivered at the end of this journey?… 7 exciting products ready to be demonstrated and shipped !!!

Here are the products created during the Ship It Day:
1.)    EE Bot

  • Creators – Anil W, AdityaTeam EE Bot Team EE Bot
  • Technologies used – Hubot, CoffeeScript, Node.js, Skype4py
  • Winner of the Ship It DayBest Product

A Robot application / software which sits on your Skype list as a contact and executes the commands you give to it in the form of Skype messages.
Need to book an office conference room?..  Want to deploy & run your build?..  Checking flight tickets for your vacation?..  How about finding that viral YouTube video?… Don’t worry… just ping EE Bot on Skype.
EE Bot receives incoming Skype messages and matches them to some pre-defined functions using regular expressions pattern matching. If a match is received, it executes the commands written inside that function. Besides Skype, EE Bot can be integrated with any other messenger service.
It’s the best assistant you & your team can have !!!
Demo: Screencast of EE Bot.

2.)    Barter X

  • Creators – Nitesh, Avinash, Amey Team Barter X Team Barter X
  • Technologies used – Node.js, Express, MongoDB
  • Winner – Best UI.

A UI rich web application that facilitates exchange / barter of commodities between its users.
Unlike eCommerce sites, Barter X is not about buying / selling; there’s no financial transaction involved. It allows users to display the commodities (…e.g, books…) that they’d like to barter with fellow users, maintain a library, create a wishlist, login through Facebook and many other functionalities.
Demo: Screencast of Barter X.

3.)    Air Hub

  • Creators – Rashid, Anita, Swanand, Sameer, Anshul, Apurv, Deepak ShipIt (30)ShipIt (28)
  • Technologies used – Node.js, Angular JS, Raspberry Pi
  • Runner Up – Best Product

AirHub is designed to be a cheap and cost effective medium to share data stored on an extrenal hard drive within a network.
It uses a Raspberry Pi as a server and a external USB hard disk as the storage device. With AirHub installed on the company/home intranet, sharing data becomes as simple as hitting a browser url and copy pasting those large documents.
Demo: Screencast to be uploaded soon.

4.)    Hisaab Kitaab

  • Creators – Komal, Akshada, Radhika, Gaurav Team Hisaab Kitaab
  • Technologies used – Android Development Tool

An android application for expense management, Hisaab Kitaab is for people living together and sharing expenses for various things. It enables you to form groups, store daily expenses and do calculations like “Total Expenses”, “Per Person Contribution” and finer details like “who owes whom how much”
Demo: Screencast of Hisaab Kitaab

5.)    Excellent PDF

  • Creators – Tejas, Renuka, Rashmi, Mrugen, Abhijeet Team Excellent PDF Team Excellent PDF
  • Technologies used – JDK 7, Spring MVC, Apache POI library, iText (for Java version); MS Excel Macro, VBA (for Macro version)

An efficient payroll software, Excellent PDF converts multiple Excel format Salary Slips to PDF with the click of a button. It can also email these PDF salary slips to multiple team members with one click.
2 versions of Excellent PDF were created; a Java version and an Excel Macro version.
Demo: Screencast of Excellent PDF – Java version;  Macro version

6.)    Kanbanize Katsu

  • Creators – Abhimanyu, Vipul, Vivek, Dipali Team Kanbanize Katsu Team Kanbanize Katsu
  • Technologies used – C#.NET 4.5, XAML, Windows 8

Katsu is Japanese for “WIN”. Kanbanize Katsu is Win-Kanbanize which basically means Kanbanize for Windows… 🙂
Kanbanize Katsu brings Kanbanize to the Windows 8 platform (desktop as well as mobile devices). All the projects and boards on any Kanbanize account can be accessed on this app. It is synced with Kanbanize and also facilitates reading & modification of cards.
Demo: Screencast to be uploaded soon.

7.)    Route Planner

  • Creators – Anuj Mathur
  • Technologies used – OpenLayers.js, jQuery, Neo4j

A prototype web application that can be used by parcel delivery / courier companies.
These companies usually have many offices across a country or across the globe. Route Planner finds and displays all the possible paths between two destinations/offices on a map. In addition, it highlights the shortest weighted path which the company could/should use to deliver parcels between those destinations.
Demo: Screencast of Route Planner.

Given the creativity, productivity and fun we witnessed during Ship It Day, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the event a great success…

Quite fittingly, the Ship It Day was capped by an exhilarating Drum Circle event in the evening. Drum CircleDrum Circle Drum Circle

All in all, a memorable 24 hours… 🙂 ShipIt (9) ShipIt (41) ShipIt (42)


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