Global Day of Code Retreat 2013

Last Saturday (14th December 2013) was the Global Day of Code Retreat and I really enjoyed facilitating it in Equal Experts, Pune. This was the 4th Code Retreat that I facilitated. Thanks to Corey Haines for such a wonderful idea and the Code Retreat team for organizing it ( Jim Hurne, Alissa Conaty, Adi Bolboaca, and Martin Klose.)

All in all, there were 25 participants who took to the usual Conway’s Game of Life, and this time my agenda was to nudge people gently towards functional programming.

First session was pretty much a warm-up and second session was more warm-up with TDD and folks wrapping their head around the problem.
Third session onwards, I started introducing constraints:

  • Session 3 – No Boolean Operators – No Conjunction (and), Disjunction (or) or Negation (not) operators
  • Session 4 – No Loops – no ‘for’, ‘while’, ‘do’…’while’, or ‘repeat’…’until’ constructs
  • Session 5 – No Instance Variables

People really enjoyed the challenge added with each constraint. At the end of each session, they shared what they observed and learnt. It was heartening to see programmers evolve their code from procedural to object oriented to functional paradigms.

Here are a couple of collages from the event:

GDCR 2013GDCR 2013 - 2

All in all… a wonderful day.. 🙂

Dhaval Dalal


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