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Dhaval Dalal

Dhaval Dalal
Dhaval is one of the co-founders of Equal Experts India. In more than 16 yrs of creating software, Dhaval has worked on the vast & evolving diaspora of systems, concepts, technologies, languages, paradigms & methodologies that software has to offer.
This Software Artisan believes that software development is first art and then a craft.  He likes to create, whether its software / food / music…anything that puts his creativity to the fore.  Dhaval’s interests are Music and Philosophy.. and he doesn’t drink because he is self-intoxicated with those thoughts.  He also loves cooking but does not eat or kill animals for food.
Follow him on @softwareartisan



Krishnan Mani
With more than 11 yrs in software development, Krishnan is one of the more seasoned team members at Equal Experts India. His opinions on software are a reflection of his experience in handling various facets of software creation (…coding, design, architecture, dev-ops, management, business analysis, pre-sales as well as sales…). He loves working on evolving technologies and is currently exploring the depths of Cloud & AWS.
Beyond software, when he is not cracking humorous one-liners in company group chats, Krishnan is found on his chessboard pondering over his next move.
Follow him on @km_krishnan



Tejaswita Takawale

Tej is one of the veterans here at Equal Experts India. She joined EE when it was just 3 members old and has been a vital cog to its progress ever since. For more than 8 yrs now, she has successfully led and delivered enterprise level projects across multiple domains and technologies (…Java, RWD, REST, OOJS, MongoDB etc…).
Besides her laptop keyboard, she is a big fan of the actual Keyboard. She can play quite a few tunes on her Casio but would like to master the synthesizer sometime soon…
Follow her on @tejaswitat



Abhimanyu Chakravarty

Abhimanyu is a young upstart in software; his career just a little longer than 3 years as of now. But in those 3 yrs, he has handled challenging & diverse roles with such maturity that by the time he joined EE India, he was already a “jack of many trades” including .NET development, UI Automation, DevOps engineering, JS frameworks (..to name a few…) and had also co-founded a start-up !!! Currently, he is exploring the fascinating world of JavaScript including frameworks like Ember & Angular
The “jack of many trades” theme extends to the life of this avid photographer, blogger, traveler, musician, debater, metal-head…just to name a few :-).
Follow him on @abhimanyu_c


Chinmay Naik

Chinmay Naik

Chinmay started his career in sales. Maybe that’s what gives him his energy and dynamism.
Passionate about creating good software, Chinmay brings to Equal Experts his “never-give-up” attitude… and we are all the richer for it… 🙂
He has created software applications, products as well as open source tools. He has delivered production code in Scala, Java, JavaScript and Groovy. He is equally proficient at creating native apps as he is with enterprise scale web apps. The domains he has catered to include Telecom, Ecommerce as well as Security.
Such diversity envisions him to solve any business problem with multiple appraches.
His fascination is not limited to software though. An excellent Tabla player, he leads percussion for our in-house band.
Follow him @chinmay185

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